How to make appointments

Please contact Reception at 05392 406 23.

If you need an appointment that day/ next day due to illness, the earlier you ring in the morning, the better.

If you can give the Receptionist some details regarding your condition, it helps us organise the appointments.

If it gets to 6 o’clock in the evening & we have been unable to see you that day, and you are too unwell to wait until the next day, please contact the Out of Hours service Caredoc.


Your Smear appointment

We are registered with Cervical Check for the provision of smears- the test to detect pre-cancerous changes to the neck of the womb. The HPV virus, which can cause cervical cancer is now checked for first on your sample. If this is found, the sample is then checked for any  abnormalities.  More information is available at

There is no charge if you are currently due to have your smear (every 3 years from 25-29, & every 5 years from 30-65).

It is normally done around the middle of your menstrual cycle ie Day 10-18.

If you would also like to get checked for STIs (Sexually transmitted infections), this can be done at the time of your smear if you let us know before the day of the smear. This is not covered by the HSE smear payment.

Please note that if you have any abnormal symptoms such as irregular bleeding, abdominal pain, bleeding or pain with intercourse, vaginal discharge, it is advised to consult with the doctor separately.