How to make appointments

Please contact Reception at 05392 406 23.

If you need an appointment that day/ next day due to illness, the earlier you ring in the morning, the better.

If you can give the Receptionist some details regarding your condition, it helps us organise the appointments. If it is more suitable in some situations, we can then arrange some preliminary blood tests & anything else necessary before review with the Doctor including for results.

If it gets to 6 o’clock in the evening & we have been unable to see you that day, and you are too unwell to wait until the next day, please contact the Out of Hours service Caredoc.


Telephone Consultation 

This is an aspect of service which we have all had to become familiar with since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are going to continue to offer this service going forward. It will not be suitable for all medical concerns and in those situations, a face-to-face consultation will be arranged.


Your Smear appointment

If you would also like to get checked for STIs (Sexually transmitted infections), this can be done at the time of your smear if you let us know before the day of the smear. This is not covered by the HSE smear payment.

Please note that if you have any abnormal symptoms such as irregular bleeding, abdominal pain, bleeding or pain with sex, vaginal discharge or spotting, postmenopausal bleeding, you will need to see the the doctor separately. 


Antenatal Care during your Pregnancy 

  • We are registered with the HSE Maternity & Infant Care Scheme for provision of care jointly with the hospital during your pregnancy & for postnatal checks. This is free of charge for the expectant mother ordinarily resident in Ireland. All routine visits relating to pregnancy complications are covered; it does not include consultations for medical matters separate to the pregnancy.
  • If you are not already taking Folic Acid, please start taking once you know of your pregnancy, this is important for your baby’s development and you will need to remain on for the first 3 months of pregnancy. (See ). This is available at the normal dose over the counter in your Pharmacy. However, in certain situations  it is necessary to get a prescription from your doctor for a higher dose of 5mg daily. These situations include Diabetes, Coeliac disease, history of Spina Bifida- yourself, your partner, in previous pregnancy, or family, your BMI is 30 or over, sickle cell or thalassaemia.
  • This section of the Coombe hospital Website will be helpful for information about your pregnancy. 

Pregnancy Visits 

First visit with the GP is usually in the first 4-8 weeks. Visits after that:

  • Week 20 approximately:  Hospital Visit(s) including for scan
  • Week 24 G.P.
  • Week 28 G.P. (Hospital if 1st pregnancy)
  • Week 30 G.P.
  • Week 32 Hospital
  • Week 34 G.P.
  • Week 36 Hospital
  • Week 37 G.P.
  • Week 38 Hospital
  • Week 39 G.P.
  • Week 40 Hospital

If you have a significant illness, e.g. diabetes or hypertension, you may have up to 5 additional visits to the GP. After the birth, both Mother & Baby have a 6 week check, with 2 week check also for Baby.

Information about Vaccines advised during Pregnancy 

Vaccines recommended during pregnancy:

Covid-19 Vaccine/booster during pregnancy: